Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SnowBabies.... and... Who's Going Where!

This morning when I put the puppies outside so that I could clean their pen, they got to experience something new, something no other WhiteStar pup has ever had a chance to see this young....


Unfortunately, every time I tried to step outside and get good pictures, they mobbed me. So I settled for going out on the other deck and snapping a few shots. Note the wire mesh around the deck to keep them safe... it's about a 10 foot drop off that deck!

Where Are They Going?

WhiteStar's Sleepless in Seattle (Ryan) is staying right here.

WhiteStar's Ninotchka (Nina) is going to Houston, Texas to live with Mary and her family.

"Casper" is going to Genoa, Nevada to live with John and Becky.

Purple Boy is going to Los Almaos, New Mexico to live with Gary and his family.

WhiteStar's Scotch 'N' Soda (Fizz) is going to Gainseville Florida to live with Maria and her family.

WhiteStar's Polar Express (Winter) is going to Colorado Springs to live with Brie.

Black Boy is going to Houston, Texas to live with Donna and her family.

Do we see a theme heavily favoring movie titles for names in this litter???? 3 of 7 so far....