Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Results Are In (#1)

First progesterone test: 0.7

The vet calls this a baseline and says he thinks she's very early along in her season and will not be ready to breed until sometime mid next week. That's a good thing since I leave for Arizona for a week in just a few hours. My husband will be handling getting the next few tests done and I get to manage the whole thing long distance.

Test number 2 is scheduled for Thursday morning.

Monday, February 27, 2006

In the Beginning....

When I created the blog for Aliy's litter I waited until she was pregnant before I posted anything. With Raven's litter I did start posting a bit earlier, but it still was not from the very beginning... I didn't really share everything like I plan to do this time. Aren't you lucky?

I'm even going to share how much it all costs. So many people believe breeders make a ton of money selling puppies and it's just not true. Yes, if the girl has more than just two or three pups, and you can sell them for good prices and you don't pay a high stud fee and you have no problems with the pregnancy, whelping or the puppies themselves maybe you might break even. But more often than not you end up losing money.

Follow along with Kelly's expenses on the sidebar on the right over there >>>> and see how we're doing as time goes by.

And Here We Go...

Kelly surprised me by coming in season earlier than I expected. When I checked my records it became apparent the problem was mine not hers. Yes, she was early but only by a week or two, not the month I originally accused her of. Luckily we had a stud dog picked out. Am/Can CH Snowater's Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Rapper is the lucky guy.

I don't fly my dogs, so, since Rapper is in Oregon and Kelly is in Colorado, we'll be doing this breeding via artificial insemination. That means doing progesterone testing to see when the breedings should occur. The first one was done today, we get the results tomorrow.