Thursday, December 21, 2006

WhiteStar's Perfect Storm?

Casper (Green Boy) went home today. The title above may be his new registered name.


You're never going to believe what his new family went thru to get him.... they will have a story to tell for years....

John and Becky left their home in Genoa, Nevada Tuesday evening. They had to drop Becky's daughter off at the airport in Reno that evening and were going to spend the night in Reno, then catch an early morning flight into Denver, arriving about 9:30 Wednesday morning. The plan was they'd rent a car, travel down to Colorado Springs leisurely, maybe see a few sights, then meet the pups at about 3:00, help me take them for their CERF exams at 4:00, head back to Denver and fly home on an 8:30 PM flight.

Well, on Wednesday morning John and Becky flew right into one of the biggest blizzards Colorado has seen in awhile. So big and bad that by the time they landed their return flight had already been cancelled. And by noon Denver International Airport had shut down completely!

It took them several hours to get to their rental car place. They upgraded their rental vehicle to an H2. John was determined to pick up his puppy!

By mid afternoon I-25 (the main route from Denver to Colorado Springs) was shut down. By taking back roads, John and Becky made it to Castle Rock, normally an hours drive from DIA and about 45 minutes from my house. They spent the night in Castle Rock where the only thing open was the Waffle House and their Motel. (They have stories to tell about the motel...)

Bright and early they headed out again. Back roads, as I-25 was still closed. I've never seen anyone so determined as John was to get his puppy. Back tracking and turn arounds. Snow drifts 6 feet high. Late this afternoon, just as the sun broke thru the clouds, John and Becky pulled into my driveway, 30 hours after landing in Denver, normally 2 hours away.

"Casper" met them at the door. John says he is worth every minute of the last two days :) This is the best part of being a breeder.

DIA is closed until noon tomorrow. Becky and John think they are just going to take the rental Hummer and hit the roads heading South (where the weather is already melting off the snow) and drive back to Nevada.... they have what the came for.