Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Letter From Casper!

Hi Everyone

It’s me, Casper! I’ve been having SO much fun since I got to my new home in Nevada. Why just today it really snowed hard and my daddy took me outside to play in it. We sure had fun and I didn’t want to come back inside, but Dad didn’t want me to get too cold so he made me come inside. Dad was kind of shaking and looked sorta blue? He kept jumping around and yelling, go pee, go pee go pee. Does anyone know what that means ?? Anyway, I sure had fun running and digging and making the snow turn yellow!

I sure like my big brother Neko. He’s soooo cool ! He let’s me chew on his head and ears, and sometimes I sneak up on him and grab him from behind and do this funny little dance? This really drives my daddy crazy ,but I think it’s FUN !

Oh !! I also have a little sister called Erin. She lives upstairs and won’t come down when I’m awake. I don’t get it ! My new Mommie, Becky says she’s just shy, whatever that means… Here’s a picture of me and my big brother Neko and Daddy.

Here’s a picture of me and Neko! I sure like my big Brother !

Here I am with my favorite TOY !

Daddy says it’s a SQUIRREL ! He says I’m a natural born “SQUIRREL DOG” . He says it “ runs in the family ”. I don’t know what that means ,but I sure love my squirrel !!!

Ok, I gotta now… Now Daddy is jumping around and yelling ,don’t pee, don’t pee ,don’t pee. Oh boy! We’re going outside to play in the SNOW again! My daddy’s so funny!!!!

Bye bye, now. CASPER